Major Activites

Radio Content Production, Broadcasting and Distribution

  1. Vijaya FM produces different types of programmes like, informative, educative, entertaining and local language programmes on public interest
  2. Vijaya FM airs radio content from 4:00 AM to 11:00 PM everyday
  3. Vijaya FM produces and distributes radio content to other media on requirement

Special programmes on local and national issues and agendas

  1. Public Hearing
  2. Interaction
  3. Discussion
  4. Talk shows
  5. Reports, Case Studies, and live on especial functions and occasions


  1. Basic and advance Radio Journalism
  2. Anchoring Training
  3. Thematic trainings on News, Programme and Radio Technician


  1. Radio Souvenir 2010
  2. Annual progress and financial reports
  3. Articles on Radio movements
  4. Brochures

Other occasional events

  1. Free Health Campaign
  2. Blood Donation Programme
  3. Especial Days celebration
  4. Vijaya FM Anniversary Day celebration on every 5th Bhadra
  5. Live on Different Religious Major Festivals, National events, Days and other occasional events

Vijaya FM 101.6-Working Areas

  • Promoting platform for democratic discourse


  1. Vijay FM reflects pluralism & social diversity through programming
  2. Vijay FM raises representating voices & concerns of all sections of the society including minorities & excluded strata
  3. Vijay FM offers platform to multiple stakeholders for dialogue, debate & interaction on conflicting ideas


  • Promoting public accountability for Good Governance


  1. Vijay FM Increases answerability & responsiveness of the stakeholders to community people by engaging them in radio talk shows, interactions, public hearing etc and other indoor and outdoor issue-based broadcast products.
  2. All conflicting parties tend to present them more responsible and accountable to community while articulating their opinions via media to sustain their existence in society. This helps to promote public accountability for good governance.


Promoting Social cohesion/local identity/ cultural harmony


  1. Vijay FM produces and disseminates diverse program on indigenous culture, art, religion, tradition, norms and values, language, ethnicity to explore their identities and recognition
  2. Vijay FM brings together people from different settings to promote multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic harmony
  3. Vijay FM imparts the message of peace and reconciliation through content-based program.


Conflict resolution


  1. We  find out causes of social conflict and gaps through action research (in particular cases, we conduct action research)
  2. We bring the findings among stakeholders through discussion
  3. We explore alternative ideas to resolve social problems
  4. We seek commitment from the concerned authority in public to address the problems
  5. Vijay FM facilitates conflict related cases to initiate negotiation between the conflicting parties. (Beginning dialogue is putting conflict to an end)
  6. We conduct media advocacy, follow-up and lobbying to pile pressure for the implementation


Building and Enabling Citizen-State Relations


  1. Vijay FM informs citizens about their constitutionally-guaranteed rights and entitlements through programme
  2. It Initiates dialogue between government authorities and citizens regarding public services provided to people
  3. Civic education for civic sense and responsibility and PSAs/Special Programs/Notice to make government alert on public service and relief delivery
  4. Vijay FM disseminates programs focused on reducing gaps between service providers (State) and right-holders (Citizens)
  5. Facilitates public engagement in government-sponsored programs & campaigns (tax, polio, vitamins, vaccination, voters’ registration)


Strengthening Freedom of Expression and Opinion and Right to Information


  1. Vijaya FM reaches out to hardcore poor and disadvantaged groups through program and connects their voices to policy makers and shapers
  2. Vijay FM advocates constitutionally-assured freedom of expression (right to seek, obtain and impart ideas and opinions) and right to information (right to get publicly important information from public agencies) through program
  3. It empowers public spheres, holds public bodies to account, increases people’s access and voices and addresses gaps between state and citizens.
  4. Vijay FM promotes sense of ownership to the state and facilitates attainment of other rights through the articulation of expression and opinion


Sustainable livelihood


  1. Vijay FM explores local resources potentials and market value through programme.
  2. Vijay FM establishes linkages between producers and market and encourages community people for micro entrepreneurship through success case stories
  3. It enhances people’s access, control and ownership on resources (natural, physical, financial, human and technology) by engaging their roles in agenda setting through information dissemination, public hearing  and interactions.


Social Justice and Security


  1. Vijay FM works for Non-discrimination and positive discrimination in radio program
  2. It develops program to address social maladies such as dowry, untouchability, gender-based violence, domestic violence, gaps between haves and haves not, people living with disabilities and HIV
  3. Vijay FM constantly makes people aware on quality of life, right to life with dignity, social security schemes,
  4. Vijay FM continuously Lobbies with decision makers for equitable distribution of resources & opportunities
  5. Vijay FM believe that, Just society is synonym of peaceful society, which paves way for the empowered and prosperous society