Vijaya Community Information & communication Cooperative Ltd (VICCOL) was established in 2000 in Gaindakot, Nawalparasi. It established Vijaya FM and first aired on 21st August 2004 and tuned into 101.6 MHz. Community Radio Vijaya FM is the common endeavor of peoples from different socio-economic background (i.e. experts, community members, and professionals), non-government organizations, community forest user groups, schools, colleges, hospitals, cooperatives, temples and other social institutions.


It is different from other professional radios in many aspects. It represents the voice of voiceless people. The radio is always dedicated to carry out the issues & the references that are hidden in the society. Awareness rising through radio programme, case study, reports and to provide useful information to the targeted people on socio-economic, educational, cultural, as well as healthy entertaining programmes, Community Radio has been broadcasting the programmes through multiple indigenous and local languages. It is supposed that the radio would help to bring awareness among the targeted people and empower them.


  1. Provide  true and factual information to make people informed, aware, organized and active
  2. Focus to promote democracy, peace, sustainable development, good governance, press freedom, rights to information, social harmony & individual liberty through the programmes
  3. Carry out the voices of voiceless people & focus on Dalits, Tribal, Women, Disables, Poor, Deprived groups
  4. Contribute to promote, develop and conserve the local art, culture and good tradition through programmes
  5. Contribute to promote the local business and national and international products at local level by Radio Content
  6. Disseminate information to mitigate the bad customs, discrimination, and superstitions
  7. Establish a double communication as well as development communication system in the community



Vijaya FM 101.6 is run by Vijaya Community Information and Communication Cooperative Society Limited (VICCOL), which is a primary level cooperative society, registered under the district cooperative office Nawalparasi in 2001. The community based Vijaya F.M. will help to uplift the quality of life of the poor and marginalized people by providing valuable information regarding human rights, livelihood, community self-reliance, good governance and people participation in decision-making process that affects their daily life.


Self-reliant Model Community Communication Center for positive social change


  1. Production, transmission and publication of programmes that interest the community
  2. Development and optimum mobilization of resources
  3. Use of modern technology
  4. Institutional development

Some Salient Features of Vijaya FM 101.6

  1. The first community radio of Nawalparasi district & even in mid Nepal
  2. It represents the voice of voiceless people
  3. It has been established with the cooperative concept
  4. The 1000-watts Transmission capacity with all necessary equipments has been broadcasting the programmes through 4 local languages.
  5. Highly professional Journalists of Vijaya FM 101.6 have always been dedicated to serve the programme to wipe out the prevailing discriminations, social gap & other hidden challenges in  the community.
  6. Community people feel their ownership on Vijaya FM 101.6. More than 30 organized institutions including Social Development Organization, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Community Forest Users Group, Religious Temples, Cooperatives (Saving & Credit, Milk  Production, Health,  Education, Agriculture etc) are directly associated with it.
  7. Daily 18 News based Segments (3 Major Bulletin-at 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM & 7:00 PM , 7 Short Bulletin every hour -at 8 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 2 PM,4 PM, 5 PM, 6 PM and major central Bulletin from Community Information Network (CIN) at 6:00 AM & 7:30 PM, and 3 Central Bulletin from Ujjyalo 90 Network at 9:00 AM 12:00 Noon, 3:00 PM, and BBC Nepali Service from BBC London.
  8. Healthy entertaining programmes with community friendly voices
  9. Responsible towards community, unlike profit making, commercial radios

Awards & honor

Gopal Dash Community Journalism Award-2064

Vijaya F.M. 101.6 has been awarded with GOPALDASH COMMUNITY JOURNALISM AWARD-2064by Nepal Press institute for contributing in raising awareness in community through effective, more informative and community-based programmes among the all community radios in Nepal.

Excellence Cooperative Award- 2067

Vijaya FM 101.6 has been awarded by Division Cooperative Office, Nawalparasi for Excellence cooperative Award in terms of best performance in content, Administrative Management, Cooperative Values and Norms and Other Activities Among all cooperative Organizations in Nawalparasi District.

Prema Wangmaya Pratisthan, Nawalparasi

Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Prema Wangmaya Pratisthan, Nawalparsi for excellent contribution to protect, promote local art, culture and literature among all radios in Nepal.

Other precious honors

  1. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Nepal Red Cross Society, Narayangarh Chitwan for the involvement to collect the maximum units of blood in 2062 BS.
  2. Vijaya FM has been honored by Nepal Federation for Indigenous Society, Coordination Committee, Gaindakot Nawalparasi in 2066 for the contribution to raise the access of indigenous community to disseminate their voice and precious contribution to develop journalist from indigenous through journalism training.
  3. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by National Association for Folk and Duel song District Office, Nawalparasi in 2064 BS for the contribution to protect, promote and disseminate local art and culture.
  4. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Dharmic Sewa Samitee Maula Kalika Mandir, Gaindakot, Nawalparasi for the contribution to promote good religious tradition and message dissemination in 2067 BS.
  5. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Shree Ganesh Temple, Gaindakot, Nawalparasi for the involvement to disseminate the good religious information and overall development of the organization in 2061 BS.
  6. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Shree Kalika Sanskrit Viddhapeeth, Gaindakot, Nawalparasi for the contribution to disseminate the organizational message being official media in 2063 BS.
  7. Vijaya FM has been honored by Brmha Kumari Raj Yoga Sewa Samittee Narayangarn, Chitwan for the role to disseminate the Brmha Kumaris knowledge and learning.
  8. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Shree Narayani Lower Secondary School, Gaindakot Nawalparasi for the contribution to accomplish the free health Campaign in 2066 BS.
  9. Vijaya FM 101.6 has been honored by Chitwan Festival, Narayangarh, Chitwan in the participation and input to make effective festival in 2063, 2065, 2067 BS.

Capacity & Coverage

Vijaya FM having 1000-Watts Transmission Capacity with all necessary modern equipments has been airing the programme. Currently we are receiving the phone and letters from 21 district of Mid Nepal like Nawalpur, Nawalparasi, Chitwan, Tanahun, Bara, Parsa, Lamjung, Syanja, Gorkha, Makwanpur, Dhading, Nuwakot, Parbat, Baglung, Palpa, Gulmi, Kapilvastu and Rupendehi etc.


Development can be defined as a regular process of social transformation. A pre-requisite for social transformation is dissemination of information. Information is an inalienable right of the people and it contributes to empowerment and greater transparency in public life. Good governance strengthens democracy and human rights, but good governance has to have transparency as its integral part. Promoting transparency is difficult without allowing people a greater access to media. Development is not only construction of buildings, canals, bridge and roads. It also means development of human ability, which means the development in knowledge, skill and attitude. Greater transparency and development of human ability are not possible without the help of mass   media.  Mass communication – the print press, television and radio –can be used to inform and educate the general public on challenges of social transformation. Radio is especially important in the context of Nepal.

The democratic constitution (1990) of Nepal has guaranteed the right to information. His Majesty’s Government brought out the national broadcasting act and broadcasting regulations in 1993 and 1995 respectively that paved the way for non –governmental broadcasting. Many FM radio stations, both community and commercial, are now operating in the country.

At present, people’s access to even mass media is very limited. Due to factors like low literacy rate, geographical situation, low affordability and the lack of reading habit among the people, the reach of the other means of media is very limited. Considering all these factors, radio is the only medium of mass communication through which information can reach a maximum number of people at a low cost. Radio is easily available and has proven to be an effective medium to inform and educate the people.

Realizing this, group of social activists, NGOs and cooperatives which had come together to establish and operate a community radio, registered an information cooperative namely Vijaya Community Information and Communication Cooperative Society Limited (VICCOL) about seven years ago. VICCOL is an outcome of the special initiation taken by Vijaya Development Resource Center (VDRC), Nepal ( www.vdrc.org.np ) and is jointly promoted by VDRC and VYCCU Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd ( www.vyccu.org.np ). It got the license to establish the FM radio from Ministry of Information and Communication on 17August 2003, VICCOL established a community radio station and started to broadcast from 21st August 2004. The radio station, the first such station in Nawalparasi district is set up in Gaindakot VDC.

VICCOL has 276 shareholders including NGOs, cooperatives, community-forestry user groups and the individual members of the society are from different background like social activists, farmers, teachers, women, Dalit etc. It follows the cooperative principles and works for the social justice. A general assembly is the supreme body of VICCOL which elects eleven executive committee members including president and a three-member account / supervisory committee for three years. VICCOL has the provision of building another committee of radio program monitoring and supervision includes seven–members from among its members and community representatives. It has its own constitution and can prepare rules and regulation as per need under the cooperative act.

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